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在大众文化中,comics are having a renaissance.亚马逊注意到了流行和获得的漫画学,a cloud-based digital comics platform,this year because people – adult people –喜欢comics.他们喜欢通过视觉内容漫画书格式。这使得漫画成为B2B品牌吸引观众的理想媒介。品牌喜欢谷歌andMoz正在成功完成。

Three key elements of a successful B2B comic

But how do you go about identifying引人入胜的故事for a B2B audience that will translate well into the visual medium??

这一切归结为三件事:真相,悬念,and human connection.

A story told in a comic format doesn't need to feature spandex-clad heroes.You can find suitable protagonists almost anywhere within or outside your organization.一个成功的故事需要具备这三个要素——在Content Marketing Worldthis year:



Human connection

Or,作为讲故事的长官,Kevin Spacey,put it at CMW:

  • 真实性
  • Conflict
  • Audience

一个好的漫画故事,like any story,needs these three things.真实性使你的故事可信,悬念(冲突)使它有趣,同时增加了一种人际关系(观众),使读者能够看到自己并产生情感联系。


B2B营销,把你的公司或产品打扮成超级英雄的连环画组合在一起是没有意义的,能够让奇迹发生(我至少看过一部B2B漫画)。除了没有足够的空间解决世卫组织的问题外,what,where,什么时候,为什么,一切如何,there's an added challenge – customers are afforded only minor parts if they are incorporated at all.

Shaping your story for comics doesn't have to be difficult.以下是您需要考虑的问题:

1。Starting with human connection

The comic (regardless of its layout) needs to keep its audience in the forefront of what's happening.这样做的一种方式是作为内容专家安·汉德利suggested:"Make the customer the hero of your story."Turning a case study into a comic would definitely benefit from having the customer portrayed as a hero – the main protagonist.

Consider this: 71% of business executives don't like content that seems like a sales pitch,according to The Economist.你不能只是为了某个产品或品牌制作一个漫画:它必须首先是关于人的,其他一切都是次要的。


像任何一个被描绘的英雄一样,your main character should be better,stronger at the end.This dynamic shift brings suspense to the story,showing the benefits of the journey.

Showing the journey means being unafraid to examine the challenges faced by your story's characters.想象一个品牌创造了一个关于管理项目风险的漫画——理想情况下,它会显示当风险管理不当时会发生什么,包括对财务和人员的影响。

三。Sticking with the truth

The comic does not need to be a blow-by-blow account of real-life events (though it can) – what's important is that even if your panels have a hero in spandex,这个故事让人感觉真实。It needs to bring in that element of authenticity that Spacey discussed.Without authenticity,这个故事会被认为是虚伪和不相干的,让人们远离你的品牌。

Base the comic on events happening within or outside your organization.Embellishment can work,but as Mark Twain once said,truth is stranger than fiction.

Bring your stories to comics

如果你有一个关于你的品牌的引人入胜的故事,以你的客户为英雄,uses drama,and is based on the real world,then you have the formula for a good comic – a few panels on a web page or a strip to illustrate a case study – and a good way to share information that is valuable to readers and that can help them make better decisions.

If you'd like to know more about the process of creating a B2B comic,查看我们的免费电子书如何在B2B营销中制作漫画(we won't ask for your details).

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